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First two meetings at no cost.

Let’s face it. There are lots of fractional COO’s promising to change your business. It feels like all of them are claiming to be the next big thing. They will grow your business, change your life, improve your relationship with your spouse and kids, and bring your coffee every morning.

The hype can feel unrealistic and make you unsure if you have to shout to be heard.  I’m Tim Bramwell, and I will not shout.

As a long-time business owner myself, I work with business people like you in a meaningful, professional way to help you achieve your goals.

I’m so committed to avoiding the typical hype, that I offer you a very simple, risk-free trial. Our first two meetings at no cost or obligation whatsoever.

If you find that we can work together to improve your business, then you can proceed to hire me. If not, walk away and you’ll still have the benefit of the things you learned during those initial sessions.

So how do we get your organization to sustained operational excellence?

Our Clear Vision methodology focuses on three major foundations: 

1. Process Improvement

2. Empowering People

3. Performance Management

What Makes Operational Excellence


If you’re looking for any of the following, schedule a no obligation meeting:

Optimizing Value Streams

Optimizing end-to-end value streams according to lean management principles

Creating Functional Excellence

Creating Functional Excellence in Sales, R&D, Supply Chain & Procurement, Production and Custom Service.

Efficient Market Strategies

Increasing market share through fast, agile and efficient time-to-market strategies

Reduce Overhead

Increase competitiveness and profit by reducing overhead costs in direct and indirect areas

Optimizing Growth

Planning growth with existing resources

Global Growth

Reaching global operational excellence through implementing a value creation system

Optimizing Manufacturing

Factory planning according to lean principles

Improving Performance

Sustainable performance improvement